Changes in Hawaii

I can see myself there. The pristine and clear waters that sway with the calm ocean waves as it makes contact with my bare toes. The endless horizon that seems to swallow the sun in the afternoon. The rugged coast that hug the shores as my family and I drive up the highway. These are all of my expectations of Hawaii as my family plan to revisit the state after so many years. I can reimagine the vivid flowers and jungle forest that travel up the mountains and exotic species of animals that inhabit the terrain. All of my memories excited me so much as the date to depart for vacation. My family were also pretty elated as I was and we couldn’t wait for the day to come.


Photo: Eugene Kaspersky, April 16, 2014

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To my dismay, however, Hawaii had changed from what I had imagined. Obviously, a place can not stay the same forever, yet, I felt Hawaii had drastically changed in such a short time. There is more pollution, high rises, and the land is bustling with people. Being an environmentalist, it killed me to see so many people litter in the ocean and on the streets. Global warming is a big issue and I feel no one is contributing to conserve/preserve the precious land. With a stampede of tourists came many problems. No one really appreciated the land and was geared to creating money. The high rises kept on building and blocked the view of the sea. (I am sorry if I’m sounding selfish….). Other people seemed to not care and just wanted to have a good time and I can not blame them for that since I was also trying also appreciate the trip. The Natives are somewhat on both sides of the problems since tourists bring most of Hawaii’s economy, but also bring disrespect to them. (I am hinting at you, Jennifer Lawrence.) The increasing tourists of the mainstream destination also added chaos since some of them would litter and disrupt the peace in the area. (Not trying to seem disrespectful, sorry).

After revisiting the old sites, I felt somewhat depressed. The land that was once rich with nutrients, became one of a money making business. I wished people would appreciate the land as it is and what it really means. They should help protect the aquatic and land species who are threatened by human kind. I guess you can say that I would side with animal species than humans.

Now, I just try to forget about the problems which is not the right choice to do. I just stopped fantasizing about the state altogether since I feel it’s only going to get worse. I hope people will realize these environmental problems and save it before it is too late.  My sisters also partially agrees with me since they want to protect the Earth as well. Other members would argue with me and are blind to everything. My whole family, overall, feel indifferent about the whole problem and I can see why.

Now I understand why people are unwilling to help. They block out the world and keep on wearing their rose tinted glasses hoping things are great as it is. I too am the same and I seriously hope I can evolve from this way of thinking. The problems present in Hawaii are also key issues around the world. Other locations face the same problems since they are also driven by money. As a solution, maybe I will be able to find a solution to these problems and contribute my part to the dying world. New technology, if implemented, may be a solution that can work efficiently.