O.C. Night Market

On Saturday, my friend invited me to go out to the o.c. night market. I was really excited to go since I never hung out with my friends outside of school. It really kept me going from a horrible week because I had recently had a meltdown. At 5 pm, my friend Katie (not her real name but for privacy reasons….) and I met at our school. We then left for the market in her parent’s van. In the car, I met her mother, father, and sister. At the entrance of the market, there is an artist alley type of place. There we went through the art booths and bought different items. I bought to small bars of soap for my mom while Katie bought a print and sticker. Her younger sister bought a soap bar and some never dying flowers she read about. Outside in the market, we started walking around looking for foods we like. Katie’s younger sister decided to play games, which Katie thought was somewhat rigged. We did not win anything since the games were difficult. After, Katie and I went to buy pork skewers. They were really delicious!!! I also bought a snow cone but it was disgustingly sweet. I ended up throwing it away immediately since it made me sick. For about an hour, we kept walking around looking for desserts, but never really bought anything. We then rested near the stage where dance performers where performing their routine. After an hour, we left the market. I had so much fun, but was tired because it was past my bedtime.



Photo: Patrick Tan ‎on October‎ ‎16‎, ‎2010    



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