My Narrow Mind


Photo: Mack Male on June 2, 2009


Being narrow minded, I used to believe that everyone understood how the world was. My family and I travel a lot so I am used to seeing how other countries. I thought that everyone was on the same page I was on, but society had proved me wrong. While doing a project with my friends back in middle school, I realized that people didn’t understand how the world was. It was one of those travel projects where you described your imaginary trip and what you would do. He called me “fatty” for suggesting that we eat street food on our “trip”. Now, I was somewhat stunned because I always eat street food when I travel. Its quick and is a easy meal option when on sightseeing. My other friends also were the same, shooting down my ideas on what to do on the trip. They did not believe the tips I gave them was good idea since it contradicted their own thoughts on an idealistic travel. I then thought that these people were stupid for actually thinking that world and faraway countries were perfect. It wasn’t until I started hearing a lecture by my current teacher. I then began understanding things. My friends did not know what traveling was actually like. They do not have the same opportunities as I do and so therefore, can not relate to my experiences. They didn’t seem to know how the world was like and don’t know what its like to travel. I feel ashamed that I got angry at them for something that was not their fault. I had the chance to see the world and they could not. Why was I so narrow minded?



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