Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean, is an archipelago country. The country of Seychelles has 115 islands and is known for its pristine waters and never-ending green landscape. In the 1770s, the islands were inhabited by the French, who brought along with them Indian, African, and white people. Under the Treaty of Paris of 1814 later on, it went under British rule. Initially the islands had 3500 inhabitants but that soon grew to be 7000. Produce such as coconut, sugar canes, and cotton were grown there. The islands became their own country in 1976 when it gained independence from Britain. The population speaks Creole, English, and French. Some also speak German and Italian. The islands have a blend of people from different places around the world, giving Seychelles diversity. The cultural influences can be seen through music, dance, cuisine, etc. Half of the country is dedicated to animals and plants. The country is known for its support in environmental protection (Yeah!). There is abundance of animal and plant species, some endemic to Seychelles. One prime example is the jellyfish tree because only 8 trees exist!


Photo: Didier Baertschiger on December 16 2009©


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