Germany and Milan, Italy


Photo: Dennis Matheson on September 5, 2013



During spring break, my family and I visited Germany and Italy. I wasn’t very excited to go, but decided to keep my spirits up anyway. We only went to Munich and not the other cities so most of the travelling was in the countryside. We were mostly having scenic drives and not too much walking so I wasn’t really tired. The autobahn was cool since we could go any speed! In a couple days, we headed for the Alps for our air BnB hotel. We were caught in a snowstorm and lost our rented out hotel because the owner never showed up. We ended up driving until midnight before we could rent a new hotel….. Well, our trip was then ended with our trip to Milan, Italy. Milan was pretty, but Lake Como blew me away! We took the Line 30 bus and spent an hour looking at the serene lake. The weather was perfect and everything was really nice. We stopped in Bellagio, a small town, and spent many hours there. My parents shopped the cute small shops buying silk scarves while my sister and I ate gelato. The next day, my family and I went to see the duermo and the famous painting of the The Last Supper. That pretty much wrapped up my trip and also, I bought 12 bags of gummy products of Haribo………


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