The Ocean

The ocean. Once in a blue moon I go to the beach, but every time I do, I seem to feel sad. I’m not really sure why, but just thinking about the sea overwhelms me. I guess it’s one of those unexplainable feelings you get when you think about something too much. The vast sea of blue, the endless horizon, the unknown depth. I don’t really how to describe the sea and will instead convey it through a poem.


So lonely are you,

your cries are heard

as seashells are held close.

You scream and flush out

the emotions that overwhelms.

My face, misted by your tears,

Remind me of the sadness within.

So distant are you,

the unknown, your well kept secret.

You, forgotten by time

Are alone out there.

I’m not really sure if this has to do with travel, but the topic was on my mind at the moment. I suck at poems so I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me.


Photo: Chris Clogg – August 7th 2014 ©




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