Future Plans


Photo: Charles Sipe- January 23, 2009©



Throughout my life, I have always wondered about my future or what I would do as I got older. My initial plans were to get a job, live a humble life, and die as quickly as possible. (Somewhat bleak future…) Suddenly now, I yearn for adventure and a purpose in my life. I realized that I have good friends and I have the ability to do whatever I want. This sense of freedom all seems new to me. Am I going through an existential crisis?! There is more to life than I thought and this sudden feeling has hit me like a ton of bricks. Being pessimistic all this time has blocked me from feeling free and understanding the endless possibilities of life. I started a bucket list and ever since, it had grown. From skydiving, parasailing, skiing, surfing, to being lost in the Amazons and climbing Mount Everest. (You name it and it is there!) I owe my friends a lot for helping me find happiness in life and we promised each other to go many adventures.. (Gosh, I feel like a small child) I’m getting exciting just writing this because I’m imagining all of the trips and adventures will be going on!(Lol, I’m having writer’s block so this post doesn’t pertain to travel, but its an assignment.)