The People I Have Met On My Travels

Growing up, my parents taught that everyone was “kind” and “friendly.” Their words had always stuck with me as I started to grow up and Preschool really helped proved this to me. All the friends I had were really supportive of me and I looked up to the teachers there. All of my family were somewhat there for me also. Fast forward a couple of years and you get my first grade self. I never expected schools to not teach how to socially interact so it was really hard to make friends. (My “friends” kind of bullied me….. I guess) Over time, I met more people that were mean to me and teachers that looked down on me. I also found out that some of my family members never liked me which was crushing. My dad seemed to distance himself from my life so there was that empty space in my life….. Life made me really bitter and it makes me uncomfortable to talk about it even today. I started hating everyone even my own family and friends and took my anger on them. (I was the total definition of teen angst and moody teenager. ) Life became miserable and I grew to be very pessimistic towards life and the future. As my family and I traveled more though, I met new people like a man at the grocery store or the lady on the subway. It was through these interactions that made me change. My ultimate encounter was the man in the Turkey who ran a Turkish delight stand in the bazaar. My sister was crying and he comforted her by giving tea and telling his story. He had fled his war torn country and home  in the middle east to have a better life. It made me sad and he made my sister happy. After that event, I became a little more optimistic and looked forward to meeting others. My faith in humans have been slightly restored and I became more confident in meeting others.


Photo: Bit Boy – July 16th 2012

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