Istanbul, Turkey

Well, I traveled to Istanbul two years ago and all of a sudden remembered it this weekend. I went with my family and two of my aunt’s friends. We were actually traveling in Greece before this and our final stop was Istanbul. At the airport, we were stopped since our passports was about to expire in a month. The Turkish would not let In the country and we contemplated whether or not we should go to France instead. After 5 hours of waiting, we realized we could have paid a $800 fine which angered my mom because we had wasted so much time. In Turkey, we traveled to the Blue Mosque, palaces, museums, and other locations. We enjoyed the Turkish cuisine and explored the city o our own. It was amazing to travel from the Asia part of Istanbul to the Europe part. On the Europe side, we visited theĀ Galata tower and explored the lively part of the city. My aunt and her friends also wanted to visit the Hermes store there to find luxurious goods, much to my dismay. For the whole day, we got lost, stuck through traffic, and panicked. My mom had gotten lost and went back to the hotel hours before. Our crowd of 6 (besides my mom) crowded into a taxi at once also!


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