Cape Cod

Over the summer, I went to Cape cod on the tip of Massachusetts with my family. Cape Cod is a popular summer vacation hotspot where most families have summer homes. We first flew to Boston and drove towards our hotel which was between the Cape and the airport. It was funny and frustrating since we got lost and it took us about 2 hours to get to the hotel which was suppose to take only 30 minutes. The next day, we went to pick up our aunt from the airport and made our way to the cape. There, we spent the whole day on the beaches. It was different then the southern west coast since it had great white dunes and a really rocky coast. My mom did an outrageous act by stealing one of the pumice rocks on the beach. We drove west of the cape to eat clam chowder and calamari from a beach restaurant for dinner. The next day, we headed off for Maine.


Image result for cape cod


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