O.C. Night Market

On Saturday, my friend invited me to go out to the o.c. night market. I was really excited to go since I never hung out with my friends outside of school. It really kept me going from a horrible week because I had recently had a meltdown. At 5 pm, my friend Katie (not her real name but for privacy reasons….) and I met at our school. We then left for the market in her parent’s van. In the car, I met her mother, father, and sister. At the entrance of the market, there is an artist alley type of place. There we went through the art booths and bought different items. I bought to small bars of soap for my mom while Katie bought a print and sticker. Her younger sister bought a soap bar and some never dying flowers she read about. Outside in the market, we started walking around looking for foods we like. Katie’s younger sister decided to play games, which Katie thought was somewhat rigged. We did not win anything since the games were difficult. After, Katie and I went to buy pork skewers. They were really delicious!!! I also bought a snow cone but it was disgustingly sweet. I ended up throwing it away immediately since it made me sick. For about an hour, we kept walking around looking for desserts, but never really bought anything. We then rested near the stage where dance performers where performing their routine. After an hour, we left the market. I had so much fun, but was tired because it was past my bedtime.



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My Narrow Mind


Photo: Mack Male on June 2, 2009


Being narrow minded, I used to believe that everyone understood how the world was. My family and I travel a lot so I am used to seeing how other countries. I thought that everyone was on the same page I was on, but society had proved me wrong. While doing a project with my friends back in middle school, I realized that people didn’t understand how the world was. It was one of those travel projects where you described your imaginary trip and what you would do. He called me “fatty” for suggesting that we eat street food on our “trip”. Now, I was somewhat stunned because I always eat street food when I travel. Its quick and is a easy meal option when on sightseeing. My other friends also were the same, shooting down my ideas on what to do on the trip. They did not believe the tips I gave them was good idea since it contradicted their own thoughts on an idealistic travel. I then thought that these people were stupid for actually thinking that world and faraway countries were perfect. It wasn’t until I started hearing a lecture by my current teacher. I then began understanding things. My friends did not know what traveling was actually like. They do not have the same opportunities as I do and so therefore, can not relate to my experiences. They didn’t seem to know how the world was like and don’t know what its like to travel. I feel ashamed that I got angry at them for something that was not their fault. I had the chance to see the world and they could not. Why was I so narrow minded?



Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean, is an archipelago country. The country of Seychelles has 115 islands and is known for its pristine waters and never-ending green landscape. In the 1770s, the islands were inhabited by the French, who brought along with them Indian, African, and white people. Under the Treaty of Paris of 1814 later on, it went under British rule. Initially the islands had 3500 inhabitants but that soon grew to be 7000. Produce such as coconut, sugar canes, and cotton were grown there. The islands became their own country in 1976 when it gained independence from Britain. The population speaks Creole, English, and French. Some also speak German and Italian. The islands have a blend of people from different places around the world, giving Seychelles diversity. The cultural influences can be seen through music, dance, cuisine, etc. Half of the country is dedicated to animals and plants. The country is known for its support in environmental protection (Yeah!). There is abundance of animal and plant species, some endemic to Seychelles. One prime example is the jellyfish tree because only 8 trees exist!


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Germany and Milan, Italy


Photo: Dennis Matheson on September 5, 2013



During spring break, my family and I visited Germany and Italy. I wasn’t very excited to go, but decided to keep my spirits up anyway. We only went to Munich and not the other cities so most of the travelling was in the countryside. We were mostly having scenic drives and not too much walking so I wasn’t really tired. The autobahn was cool since we could go any speed! In a couple days, we headed for the Alps for our air BnB hotel. We were caught in a snowstorm and lost our rented out hotel because the owner never showed up. We ended up driving until midnight before we could rent a new hotel….. Well, our trip was then ended with our trip to Milan, Italy. Milan was pretty, but Lake Como blew me away! We took the Line 30 bus and spent an hour looking at the serene lake. The weather was perfect and everything was really nice. We stopped in Bellagio, a small town, and spent many hours there. My parents shopped the cute small shops buying silk scarves while my sister and I ate gelato. The next day, my family and I went to see the duermo and the famous painting of the The Last Supper. That pretty much wrapped up my trip and also, I bought 12 bags of gummy products of Haribo………

The Ocean

The ocean. Once in a blue moon I go to the beach, but every time I do, I seem to feel sad. I’m not really sure why, but just thinking about the sea overwhelms me. I guess it’s one of those unexplainable feelings you get when you think about something too much. The vast sea of blue, the endless horizon, the unknown depth. I don’t really how to describe the sea and will instead convey it through a poem.


So lonely are you,

your cries are heard

as seashells are held close.

You scream and flush out

the emotions that overwhelms.

My face, misted by your tears,

Remind me of the sadness within.

So distant are you,

the unknown, your well kept secret.

You, forgotten by time

Are alone out there.

I’m not really sure if this has to do with travel, but the topic was on my mind at the moment. I suck at poems so I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me.


Photo: Chris Clogg – August 7th 2014 ©



Future Plans


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Throughout my life, I have always wondered about my future or what I would do as I got older. My initial plans were to get a job, live a humble life, and die as quickly as possible. (Somewhat bleak future…) Suddenly now, I yearn for adventure and a purpose in my life. I realized that I have good friends and I have the ability to do whatever I want. This sense of freedom all seems new to me. Am I going through an existential crisis?! There is more to life than I thought and this sudden feeling has hit me like a ton of bricks. Being pessimistic all this time has blocked me from feeling free and understanding the endless possibilities of life. I started a bucket list and ever since, it had grown. From skydiving, parasailing, skiing, surfing, to being lost in the Amazons and climbing Mount Everest. (You name it and it is there!) I owe my friends a lot for helping me find happiness in life and we promised each other to go many adventures.. (Gosh, I feel like a small child) I’m getting exciting just writing this because I’m imagining all of the trips and adventures will be going on!(Lol, I’m having writer’s block so this post doesn’t pertain to travel, but its an assignment.)

The People I Have Met On My Travels

Growing up, my parents taught that everyone was “kind” and “friendly.” Their words had always stuck with me as I started to grow up and Preschool really helped proved this to me. All the friends I had were really supportive of me and I looked up to the teachers there. All of my family were somewhat there for me also. Fast forward a couple of years and you get my first grade self. I never expected schools to not teach how to socially interact so it was really hard to make friends. (My “friends” kind of bullied me….. I guess) Over time, I met more people that were mean to me and teachers that looked down on me. I also found out that some of my family members never liked me which was crushing. My dad seemed to distance himself from my life so there was that empty space in my life….. Life made me really bitter and it makes me uncomfortable to talk about it even today. I started hating everyone even my own family and friends and took my anger on them. (I was the total definition of teen angst and moody teenager. ) Life became miserable and I grew to be very pessimistic towards life and the future. As my family and I traveled more though, I met new people like a man at the grocery store or the lady on the subway. It was through these interactions that made me change. My ultimate encounter was the man in the Turkey who ran a Turkish delight stand in the bazaar. My sister was crying and he comforted her by giving tea and telling his story. He had fled his war torn country and home  in the middle east to have a better life. It made me sad and he made my sister happy. After that event, I became a little more optimistic and looked forward to meeting others. My faith in humans have been slightly restored and I became more confident in meeting others.


Photo: Bit Boy – July 16th 2012

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Changes in Hawaii

I can see myself there. The pristine and clear waters that sway with the calm ocean waves as it makes contact with my bare toes. The endless horizon that seems to swallow the sun in the afternoon. The rugged coast that hug the shores as my family and I drive up the highway. These are all of my expectations of Hawaii as my family plan to revisit the state after so many years. I can reimagine the vivid flowers and jungle forest that travel up the mountains and exotic species of animals that inhabit the terrain. All of my memories excited me so much as the date to depart for vacation. My family were also pretty elated as I was and we couldn’t wait for the day to come.


Photo: Eugene Kapersky- April 16 2014

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To my dismay, however, Hawaii had changed from what I had imagined. Obviously, a place can not stay the same forever, yet, I felt Hawaii had drastically changed in such a short time. There is more pollution, high rises, and the land is bustling with people. Being an environmentalist, it killed me to see so many people litter in the ocean and on the streets. Global warming is a big issue and I feel no one is contributing to conserve/preserve the precious land. With a stampede of tourists came many problems. No one really appreciated the land and was geared to creating money. The high rises kept on building and blocked the view of the sea. (I am sorry if I’m sounding selfish….). Other people seemed to not care and just wanted to have a good time and I can not blame them for that since I was also trying also appreciate the trip. The Natives are somewhat on both sides of the problems since tourists bring most of Hawaii’s economy, but also bring disrespect to them. (I am hinting at you, Jennifer Lawrence.) The increasing tourists of the mainstream destination also added chaos since some of them would litter and disrupt the peace in the area. (Not trying to seem disrespectful, sorry).

After revisiting the old sites, I felt somewhat depressed. The land that was once rich with nutrients, became one of a money making business. I wished people would appreciate the land as it is and what it really means. They should help protect the aquatic and land species who are threatened by human kind. I guess you can say that I would side with animal species than humans.

Now, I just try to forget about the problems which is not the right choice to do. I just stopped fantasizing about the state altogether since I feel it’s only going to get worse. I hope people will realize these environmental problems and save it before it is too late.  My sisters also partially agrees with me since they want to protect the Earth as well. Other members would argue with me and are blind to everything. My whole family, overall, feel indifferent about the whole problem and I can see why.

Now I understand why people are unwilling to help. They block out the world and keep on wearing their rose tinted glasses hoping things are great as it is. I too am the same and I seriously hope I can evolve from this way of thinking. The problems present in Hawaii are also key issues around the world. Other locations face the same problems since they are also driven by money. As a solution, maybe I will be able to find a solution to these problems and contribute my part to the dying world. New technology, if implemented, may be a solution that can work efficiently.

Istanbul, Turkey

Well, I traveled to Istanbul two years ago and all of a sudden remembered it this weekend. I went with my family and two of my aunt’s friends. We were actually traveling in Greece before this and our final stop was Istanbul. At the airport, we were stopped since our passports was about to expire in a month. The Turkish would not let In the country and we contemplated whether or not we should go to France instead. After 5 hours of waiting, we realized we could have paid a $800 fine which angered my mom because we had wasted so much time. In Turkey, we traveled to the Blue Mosque, palaces, museums, and other locations. We enjoyed the Turkish cuisine and explored the city o our own. It was amazing to travel from the Asia part of Istanbul to the Europe part. On the Europe side, we visited the Galata tower and explored the lively part of the city. My aunt and her friends also wanted to visit the Hermes store there to find luxurious goods, much to my dismay. For the whole day, we got lost, stuck through traffic, and panicked. My mom had gotten lost and went back to the hotel hours before. Our crowd of 6 (besides my mom) crowded into a taxi at once also!


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Cape Cod

Over the summer, I went to Cape cod on the tip of Massachusetts with my family. Cape Cod is a popular summer vacation hotspot where most families have summer homes. We first flew to Boston and drove towards our hotel which was between the Cape and the airport. It was funny and frustrating since we got lost and it took us about 2 hours to get to the hotel which was suppose to take only 30 minutes. The next day, we went to pick up our aunt from the airport and made our way to the cape. There, we spent the whole day on the beaches. It was different then the southern west coast since it had great white dunes and a really rocky coast. My mom did an outrageous act by stealing one of the pumice rocks on the beach. We drove west of the cape to eat clam chowder and calamari from a beach restaurant for dinner. The next day, we headed off for Maine.


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